Gaia’s Other Children

Humans are NOT the only Life forms on the Earth.  In fact we are one of the last ones to appear.  For billions of
years the Earth (Gaia) has been creating or modifying all life forms in a giant, continuous experiment.
Evolution or modification of traits in each species has resulted in a continuous alteration of Life.
Some species die off and others appear.  This is case with the human sub-species of the Primate Order.  Darwin
theorized that improvements in genetic or behavior patterns would give certain entities an advantage for
survival over others.
In Life there is birth and death.  You can’t have one without the other. There have been countless cycles of this
drama.  Periodically there have major extinctions that have drastically altered these “regular” life patterns.
Three and one half billion years of evolutionary life has resulted in our World today.  There are over 2.5 million
species listed, each with different recognized characteristics.  New species arrive and others disappear. The only
constant factor in all of this is that Life on the Earth goes on.  Gaia creates environmental variations in every
part of the world to give each species a chance to exist and thrive.
The chart below has been created to display all the other Life Forms that are currently in some form of
existence.  The variety of all Life Forms put together is called Bio-Diversity.  Please examine the Five Major
Kingdoms and the categories of life grouped by similarities.  The second column shows the number of entirely
species identified in each group.  We are showing the scientific name in first column and the common name in
the third column.  We also show if the species occurs on Air, Sea, Land, Soil or combination.  Lastly, there is a
column that shows a relative percentile size of the species members.
This Chart is meant to give you a quick understanding of how many types of Life exist on the Earth.