The Earth is Alive. That Life has been identified by Dr. James Lovelock as Gaia. It is a self-adjusting, self-sustaining bio-sphere that exists for all Life to share. Eons ago the Genesis 1 story was made in which Mankind was given power over all of God’s Creation. (Genesis 1:28)

Our early consciousness dictated gaining total control of Nature. Over time that mentality changed all Life into our present Reality. We have acted like Malevolent Gods instead of Benevolent Gods. In small numbers the Earth could tolerate our Absolutism, however with the large human population of the 20th Century we have caused major Bio-Diversity losses in other species. We can no longer live as necrotrophic parasites killing our host and other adjacent life to fit our conception of Reality.

We must take our new found technology and newly accepted awareness that all Life is precious and move into a higher plane of commensalism. We must learn to give all Life forms space to exist and flourish. We must learn to share the Earth symbiotically or it will be taken from us. We are primarily land creatures living in a narrow environmental window two mile high range on the surface of 7,200 mile biosphere. Take away our oxygen, our water and add too much heat and we cannot survive. We must return the Balance of Nature!