The overall ARC City/ In-Harmony System design accomplishes the following:


  • The first major change in living patterns in 6,000 years
  • The first truly self-sustainable, non-polluting city
  • Ecologically safe on it’s own Sustainable Footprint
  • Zero-carbon emission


  • Live, Work and Play at one location with Mega-structure design
  • Inclement weather (cold & rain) no longer a factor self-contained city
  • Spacious, modern lifestyle with all amenities available within 10 minute walk
  • Residential space averages from 100 s.f. to 600 s.f. per person
  • Common Areas have shopping, restaurants, night clubs and entertainment
  • On-site hotel with 3, 4 & 5 star accommodations
  • Meeting rooms available for many group activities
  • Private party rooms available with varying genre and catered food/ beverage
  • Rain Water Collection, purification and Storage for 6 months supply
  • Community Laundry with water and energy saving capabilities
  • Reduced water usage through grey water recycling and redistribution
  • Building insulation and embedded design eliminate heat transfer and variations
  • Natural building ventilation reducing energy use for air flow
  • Air Purification System to disinfect germs and CO2 scrubber to enhance oxygen
  • Geothermal Heat Pump system
  • Beautiful, Energy Efficient Lighting throughout
  • Infra-structure supply line requirements (plumbing, electrical, communication) are minimized due to concentrated nature of high density building


  • Intra-City Vertical Transportation by high-speed elevators
  • Intra-City Horizontal Transportation by foot
  • Inter-Site Transportation by foot with stairways and tunnels to parks
  • Inter-Site Transportation with underground tunnels to greenhouses and food production using trains
  • Underground trams to move food into City and people out to food production areas.
  • Underground freight subway trains to connect with other cities
  • Point-to-Point Inter-City Transportation Elevated Mass transit of people by Commuter Trains to all other major destinations
  • Elimination of car, trucks and roads.  Only small paths and farm access roads will occur.


  • Collection of Renewable Energy from Solar, Wind & Geothermal when possible
  • Installation of New Non-Carbon emitting Energy source
  • Energy Storage of heat & electrical for independent use 24×7
  • Connection to other like-cities in a Supra- Grid for emergency energy sharing
  • Energy Efficient environment using 15% of typical modern city

Food Production & Consumption

  • In-site Food Production reducing transportation energy by 98%
  • Environmentally controlled Greenhouses for 365 day food production
  • Permanent bed, organically grown food in greenhouses, field & orchard crops
  • Fish and Algae food production in adjacent lakes
  • Harvested Food transferred to City in re-useable containers
  • Community Food Processing
  • Community Food Storage
  • Community Kitchens & Restaurants of great variety and cuisine
  • Nutritious, Organically grown Food served in healthy meals

Waste Recycling

  • Multi-use waste segregation and collection system
  • Close-loop nutrient recycling back into fields
  • Natural waste processing by Dr. John Todd “living machines”
  • Elimination of solid waste generation.
  • Recycling materials from the City and collecting waste materials from outside

Healthy Living

  • Exercise, Sports and Recreational facilities, both inside the City and outside on the grounds.
  • Schools available for K thru 12 plus college and research
  • Child Care with emphasis on science, social interaction and nature studies
  • Health Clinic and Medical Care only 5 minutes away from any part of the City
  • Churches for all faiths will all have equal access to space
  • City Administration to organize city operations

Safety & Security

  • Safety and Security guaranteed for all inhabitants inside and outs
  • Surveillance and law enforcement throughout city and compound
  • Security check point scans at entrances for weapons and germs
  • Triple ring of canals for flood protection
  • Site Perimeter Boundary Wall and exterior “buffer zone” for protection
  • Building Designed to withstand 400-500 mph wind storms & 10.0 earthquakes
  • Food, Water & Energy Storage for 4 months


  • Stable factory environment with steady, healthy easily accessible work force
  • Large factory areas with access to receiving and shipping warehouse that are part of the subway freight train system connecting to other hub cities for completion of more advanced assemblies.
  • Factories organized into Material Flow Systems for sub-assembly to assembly
  • Economics tied to new system for slow, steady growth
  • Energy Efficient factory equipment to utilize minimum energy consumption
  • Demolition and recycling of collapsing cities
  • Fabrication facilities- machine shop, woodworking, clothing mills, electronics assembly, health and medical supplies
  • Specialized industries and trade with other cities