1. People given purpose and meaning in their life. Re-organization of priorities
  2. Development centered on Survival and Nature Restoration
  3. Population reduction through natural selection, stabilized under 1 Billion
  4. Human diet altered to provide protein directly plants and algae
  5. Water is harvested, stored and used in a sensible manner. Low density population requires less water, especially when not wasted
  6. Air pollution greatly reduction from new energy sources and elimination of car/truck
  7. Soil Destruction reversed with Permanent Bed Gardening (food production)
  8. Solid Waste Generation stopped with elimination of food packaging (shipping containers all reused). People do not cook in habitations. Food comes from the fields or containerized shipments (inter-city, trans-national and some international), are then processed, stored and used in city kitchens for restaurants and food courts. This is like being on a cruise ship or hotel. Room service is available.
  9. Most mining and oil extraction eliminated through re-cycling methods
  10. Local energy production, elimination of Grid Energy Loss; Efficiency of Buildings, local food production and elimination of cars (4000# vehicle to transport 150# Man
  11. Destruction of Bio-Diversity- Global Warming stabilized, human footprint greatly reduced
  12. Humans educated to understand and respect other life forms (Life interactions)
  13. Restoration Ecology techniques used to repopulate forests and savanna
  14. Causes of Green House Gas generation eliminated or greatly reduced
  15. Labor Intensive, Controlled Food Growing environment (permanent bed, greenhouse and shade clothe techniques used to preserve optimum sunlight and moistures levels for plants to thrive)
  16. Consumption Levels altered by reducing mass production techniques of new materials and greater use of re-cycled materials
  17. Industrial Waste is changed by altering the direction of consumption patterns and new technology to chemically alter toxic waste into useable end products. If this is not possible then social pressure used to eliminate demand for end products that generate toxic waste (semi-conductors, LEDs and PV panels)
  18. Human Sewage Waste – Waste implies having no value. The Chinese valued “night soil” and kept fields fertile for thousands of years this way. In a world where people want to sell fertilizer for profit in distant fields, “night soil” doesn’t work. The ARC City has multiple liquid waste pipes that intertwine into a network that transports the liquids to bio-gas digesters that sterilize bacteria and cure it for much on adjacent fields. This completes the carbon cycle and reduces CO2. There is no release of human generated sewage into the environment outside the city footprint.
  19. Transportation – New concepts of human movement creates healthier lifestyle with a pedestrian society that lives in a high density environment with as much vertical as horizontal movement. Jogging, bicycle riding and walking are encourage. Single point origin to destination systems of trains are used for long distance people and package good movement. Mass transit flourishes as local cluster movement for inter-community (10-20 miles rides versus bullet train for 2-6 hour rides that carry people and good long distance). A dual track system occurs for long distance human movement and long distance freight. Only major trans-continental and inter-continental travel will require jet transportation.
  20. City Infra-stucture becomes planned instead of an unplanned race to stay ahead of development and obsolescence. City infra-structure concepts are barely 150 years old, these include roads, bridges, water, sewage, solid waster, liquid energy fuels and electricity. Most are never planned for future growth. Most are overwhelmed by development. The ARC City is total planned and has access compartments to repair and replace supply lines. A much more complicated system is developed for water and sewage to allow for recycling that could never be accomplished in a Sprawl situation.
  21. Heat Islands are eliminated as roads are not needed (food transport from gardens and greenhouses are transported by underground rail and conveyor belts). Instead of low density, low rise housing (sprawl) there is only on large building that optimizes surface area to volume. Much of the building surface that is not used for observation decks will have solar panels (water based) that absorb heat and move it internally for human use rather than hold it on the surface. Where cities have 30%-60% of the area generating heat islands this will be reduced to 1%-2%.
  22. Pandemic Disease is a problem of Global Warming, Over-crowding and unhealthy environment. The in-Harmony System restoration health to the environment. A healthy environment creates a buffer of health that will stop some pandemics. However Pandemics must be looked at as ways for species population reduction. Due to our ability to transmute energy, we have been able to overpopulate the Earth with our species. That must be reversed. Many of the pandemics are generated by use of antibiotics in food production that defeat Natural growth and balance. Treating a cow to survive standing in its own feces all day is not healthy. Nature wants to decompose waste. It will decompose like matter. Altering that pattern with man-made antibiotics changes natural patterns. Sometimes Death is just as natural as Life. By trying to change this too much we through the system out of balance. However, Nature will always find a way to re-balance. If we live in balanced world (environment) pandemic microbes will stabilize and reduce.