SMR Nuclear Power NOW!!

How would you like to DOUBLE or TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE your reactor business within the next three months! The Reactor Industry has been stuck in sales “doldrums” for years when it should be increasing business at “Warp Speed”.

Now is a great opportunity for the SMR Industry to secure hundreds of new orders due to the Russian Energy boycotts happening in Europe. There is a great need for additional energy that can amount to terawatts of generated power in both industrial heat and electricity.

If implemented this huge energy demand will be so massive that a singular corporation may escalate up to 50 units per year and later to 500 units per year. This can be achieved from one location which will not begin satisfy this erupting demand for clean base load energy. The entire American and Canadian SMR industry will swell from answering this immediate demand.

Historically, the nuclear energy surge of the 60’s to the 80’s was sponsored by the Defense Industry for nuclear weapons proliferation. The post 1980’s has seen nuclear power stalemated by the oil and natural gas industry into very slow growth. It has been an era of burgeoning new regulations that no other energy supplier has faced.

Where the reactor boom-era saw development and commissioning of the world’s largest nuclear fleet of electric power generators, each large reactor project would take only 6 to 10 years from purchase, conception and completion. Their reliability and safe-service operated for well over the 40 years life cycle, many continued with over 60 years of use.

The European Energy Crisis triggered by Putin’s Invasion has created rippling effects resulting in shortages and boycotts of natural gas (methane) and to a lesser extent oil. Modern Civilization has been created with the efficiencies of electrical energy for our homes and workplace. Remove it and stagnation starts to occur from people doing machines work.

The SMR Industry is not consolidated and focused on achievable goals that will result in annual industry-wide sales and production double. Why go through the exercise of designing a great reactor that never goes beyond the conceptual stage. When the World is crying for clean base-load power the SMG has been directed to seek more features. Henry Ford focused on the lowest common denominator to jump start the car industry into mass production.

Creation of new energy from nuclear sources, specifically SMR Production, is one of the only ways to increase this deficit. If SMR’s would live up to their potential they would be replicable in volume much the same as the Model T was for the beginning of the auto industry. If we build 10 units of 35mW generation equaling 350mW and do this with 14-16 months compared to one large reactor of 350mW that take 8-10 years. The power generated is the same, only it occurs in less than 20% of the time! Economy of Scale is equaled with many additional SMR features.

My Goal is to work with corporate teams that want to build and start releasing for delivery 10 SMG’s within the next 12 months. I want to help expand that production through planning and large long-term investment toward the company.

My Vision is to supply base-load nuclear energy ASAP to not only supply needed demand in Europe, but to also stop continued atmospheric degradation which is causing Tipping Points and Cascades of natural disaster reactions upon the Earth.

We Focus on these Specific Issues

  • Public Relations Issues
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Manufacturing Solutions to increase productivity
  • Seeking investment to accelerate manufacturing change
  • Establishing Goals, defining methods to achieve the goals, observing problems, providing solutions, offering alternative means to achieve solutions.

The Stranglehold of the Fossil Fuel Industry upon the Nuclear Fission Industry is about over. The anti-Putin sentiments existing today are creating huge demand for alternative energy to power the economy. Fear of nuclear energy can be turned quickly. Large private & government investments can be obtained to realize this needed goal. The current political direction of Washington is such that funding could be available and also relaxation of NRC restrictions.

There is great need by the SMR Industry for advocates to come on-board to make this great leap forward. Most knowledgeable veterans have already been hired. Yet, greater manpower is essential within the Industry to escalate from limited production to a full blown amplification capable of satisfying the urgency of energy substitution currently at hand. My presence, with a fundamental understanding of nuclear energy, can still play a crucial role in achieving our mutual goal of SMR mass production. Remember it takes a team of specialized players with good visionary managers to create a victory.

Observations about the SMR Industry

  • 1) Public perception of Fear & Misunderstanding
  • 1a) No differentiation of radiation types
  • 1b) What are the radiation leaks from the Plant & are they dangerous
  • 1c) Production & Storage of Nuclear Waste
  • 2) Business is Being Limited by NRC rulings – How to Change this
  • 3) Ignored by Environmentalist when Non-GHG energy sources are listed
  • 4) Greatest Opportunity- Alternative to Putin’s Energy
  • 5) Make survey of SMR ready for production
  • 6) Nuclear Fission is the Only Viable Base-Load energy source alternative to oil & gas
  • 7) Industry scattered/not unified – several alliances exist, but not ready-to-build SMRs
  • 8) Industry being starved of funding by oil lobby
  • 9) Shutdown of AEC signaled end of government support
  • 10) Leading SMR manufacturers need to change operation mode to high production capabilities to meet immediate new demand, who is ready to supply the need
  • 11) Advantages of SMR to large nuclear systems
  • 12) Advantages of Micro-Grid to old Smart Grid