All human civilizations during the last 6,000 years have seen much technological advancement, but have one commonality that has NEVER changed. We have been living in one to two story buildings with roads connecting them. That must change as this is producing ever increasing, sprawling mega-cities of millions of people. These cities are reliant upon long-distance supply lines for food, water and energy. Any disruption in that supply line will destabilize sustainability, resulting in significant loss of life. They destroy natural habitats and create an unhealthy environment for people to live. This form of unchanging city-structure is responsible for most of the environmental problems the Earth has today.

The idea of a sustainable, eco-city is diametrically opposed to our current cities that are intentionally designed to create both energy waste and control of supplies (long distance supply chains) so that profits may be controlled and extracted along the way. Conversion would be impossible.

Using the highly efficient In-Harmony System modular city (described previously), we will connect them into Clusters of 10-20 cities to achieve a County or Regional organization with each having some differentiation of work and recreational activities. Inter-city transportation is linked by high speed elevated and subway trains powered by electricity. They will be passenger, as well freight. A high speed pod-car system will transport people in a rush for a premium rate. Regional Centers are connected to other Centers by high-speed bullet trains, airlines and ships. Metropolitan centers will have as many 10-20 Clusters comprising 200 – 400 modular cities. This allows for even greater specialization with over 7 million living in 4500 sq. miles or about half the density of metro Los Angeles (12 million people in 4900 sq. miles). In that metropolis: buildings, parking lots and roads occupy over 60% of the land!

This Re-Invented Civilization concentrates humans into high-density patterns occupying less than 1% of the land while returning over 99% of the land back to soil and plants. It is a rapid way of altering human lifestyle to effect maximum environmental change while maintaining as much personal space and minimizing loss of the technological achievements we have made over the last 300 years.

Outside the perimeter walls there will be even more open space that will be returned to wilderness with continuous corridors for large and small animal life to migrate. This will eliminate fences that stopped natural migration of wild animals resulting of a return of their original habitation prior to human presence.