1. A Real Choice, A Real Solution
  2. Who is this for?
    1. For our Children
    2. For our Grand-children
    3. Those who Believe in a Better World
    4. Those who want to live Ecologically
    5. Those who Love Nature
    6. Want security in an unstable world
    7. Live in a city that protects you instead of exploits you
    8. Corporations who want to survive the next 100 years
    9. Industries who want Economic Advantage
    10. Those who want to invest for the next 1000 years
    11. Churches that want their group to survive
    12. Believe that Humans are causing major ecological damage to the Earth
    13. Want to live Life with more meaning
    14. Tired of living in a system that creates pollution
    15. Want to live life more efficiently and effectively
    16. Believe in an honorable lifestyle is more important than money
    17. Willing to take risks for what you believe in
  3. Being Prepared
  4. Believe there is an up coming environmental crisis that will occur at an Apocalyptic scale
  5. Believe in giving back to Nature
  6. Love God