We are a brand new Ecology Foundation and need your help to build an organization to effect major changes in how people view the Earth.

Ecology is the study of how Life interacts.  It includes geology, soils, microbes, plants, insects, fish, reptiles, birds, animals, atmosphere, oceans and how the evolved.  But more importantly it is predictive of future events that will be affecting us all!

We need your help to:

  1. Make phone calls as part of a network
  2. Write articles or public relations
  3. Blog and Twitter about the earth and ecology
  4. Produce YouTube videos
  5. Sell memberships and receive a commission
  6. Solicit Corporations for Sustainability Reports and Sponsorship
  7. Show your friends copies of our electronic magazine In-Harmony News
  8. Organize campus chapters to bring enact local conservation projects
  9. Teach about ecology and sustainable environments

Please contact us to tell us of your volunteer preferences.