Environmental Introduction

We are approaching the Perfect Storm of environmental problems that will affect the demise of most Earthly life forms unless immediate action occurs. We are not talking about two or three problems, but at least 22 problems that each one is a cause of the Sixth Great Extinction. Together they spell catastrophe in less than a century. A review of Al Gore’s movie, Inconvenient Truth, and other recent publications confirms that the human species is having a dramatic effect upon the Earth. The causes of the coming apocalyptic events are outlined on the following pages along with a plan that will solve most of the problems for the habitants of this new city.

This solution may seem very different than the way we live today. However, we must take giant evolutionary steps to avert annihilation from Global Warming and other causal agents destroying the window of survival for all humans.

We are running out of time. If you believe most of the environmental and ecological scientists the increases of Greenhouse Gas contamination is accelerating at an exponential rate. Human population growth rates parallel CO2 increases. The graph is going off the chart. Most experts predict that the point of no return is 500ppm CO2. It may be compared to a person sick with a fever. Before death, the fever increases until protein tissue denatures.

It is apparent that the political and financial leaders of the planet will not stop their avaricious path of destruction. They are making plans to turn most available land into bio-fuel fields to cash in on the fuel addictions that exist due to Sprawl civilization. We are addicted to energy and will grow fuel-based plants, instead of food. This bio-fuel production will strip more carbon out of the ground and put it in the air.

We must create a transformational space that allows individuals willing to participate in this new system to survive along with all the knowledge and technology we have discovered in the last 200 years. We need to discern what is important for human survival and what is merely convenience and indulgence. The days of planting a few more trees along our roads and on rooftops will not placate Nature’s dramatic changes.

The gradual creation of Arc Communities or Cities is a solution. It solves most of the environmental problems and allows its inhabitants to have greater control of food production, water collection and use of renewable energy to solve its energy needs.