The In-Harmony Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, within the meaning of IRC Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of Sept. 20, 2011. We care about the future of all Life.

Our purpose is to educate people:

– about a new way of living that allows greater public safety and protection during periods of extreme Climate Change.
– about environmental conservation and restoration through the practice of the efficient use of energy, materials and human consumption.
– about a new set of Ecological Living Guidelines that will allow true Sustainable Development.
– about green technology, especially bio-mimicry.
– that bio-diverse inter-species harmony is necessary for human survival and prevention of loss of life.

The IHF was created to eliminate the confusion regarding the ecological problems at hand and to offer physical solutions that will reverse the damage. These solutions are based on a system of ecology called Deep Ecology. Deep Ecology maintains the position that the Earth is a self-balancing and self-regulating biosphere that has been operating for over 4 billion years cultivating life. It does so using a dynamic equilibrium mechanism that is cybernetic. It is constantly in self-adjustment. With the advent of increasing human population this dynamic equilibrium has been stifled by human bio-engineering that is altering the environment. We must immediately start examining how to undo the damage we have done.

Deep ecology proposes philosophical guidelines that can guide human activity against our destructive practices. The Earth was created for all life to share. Humans are only one species out of millions. Yet our physical presence is disrupting and destroying thousands of other life forms. Our powerful dynamics and dissonant influences need to be reduced or stopped all together because this can threaten world stability.