Benefits of Membership in the In-Harmony Foundation

IHF Membership Certificate
IHF Membership Certificate
  1. Beautiful Membership Certificate suitable for framing
  2. Receive monthly electronic magazine In-Harmony News that discuss interests that matter to your future
  3. Tax deductible donation. We are a 501(C)3 charity, registered with the IRS. We will issue you a receipt usable at tax time.
  4. Be a “Founding Member” to help us get started.
  5. Participate in an organization offering a solution to the major problems facing the world today.
  6. We help prepare you for the current and increasing future problems of Life.
  7. Life Assurance for your Children to have a better chance to live through future turmoil.
  8. We empower you with a vehicle of change that you can be a part of; that will give your life meaning.
  9. Introducing you to holistic connected thinking that gives you a complete picture of Life as opposed to fragmented thinking that leaves you confused.
  10. Showing you the path towards happiness, health and a spiritual connection to all Life.
  11. Creating an opportunity to give back to Nature, instead taking from Nature.
  12. Learning about ecology and teaching it to others.
  13. Teaching you the Life Skills that will be needed for future survival.
  14. Providing Blog and Twitter forums to discuss the problems facing us.
  15. Creating YouTube videos to show our solutions.
  16. Providing a list of books and movies that will teach new ways to live.

This may be one of the most important and beneficial purchases you make in your entire Life! Sign up today and make the world a better place!

Go to the online Application, or, if you prefer, download a

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