1. Environmentalism = Separate elements removed from the whole, usually done by those who don’t understand the holistic interaction of Nature.
  2. Environment is all of those factors external to an organism that affect its survival, growth, development, and reproduction.
  3. It can be subdivided into physical, or abiotic, factors, and biological, or biotic, factors. The physical components of the environment include all nonbiological constituents, such as temperature, wind, inorganic chemicals, and radiation.
  4. The biological components of the environment include the organisms. A somewhat more general term is habitat, which refers in a general way to where an organism occurs and the environmental factors present there.
  5. Environmentalist will attempt to justify economic development with an environmental or sustainable label under the sponsorship of financial inducement.
  6. Environmentalist will introduce one or more products with an environmental image, while disregarding major ecological causes and effects that have much greater impact on Nature.
  7. Environmentalist support Sustainable Development in one form or another.