Robert Daniels – CV

Robert Daniels, Founder/Executive Director of the In-Harmony Foundation, Inc. (Florida)

Robert Daniels
Robert Daniels


Areas of Knowledge & Expertise

  • Deep Ecology
  • Systems Design Analysis & Engineering
  • Agronomy (Plant & Soil Science)
  • Structural Building Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Energy Efficiency of Buildings
  • Architectural Lighting Design
  • Water System Management
  • Greenhouse Design & Management
  • Efficient Transportation Systems
  • Energy Systems (Renewable & Storage)
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Holistic Health
  • Economics
  • History of Human Evolution & Civilizations
  • Educational Psychology


  • B.S. magna cum laude, Calif. St. Polytechnic Univ. 3.62 GPA
  • Major: Agronomy, School of Agriculture
  • Minors: Urban Planning, Economics, Education, History
  • Teachers Prep Program – Calif. Certification in Biology & Agriculture
  • Structural Design Training Certification – Fluor Corporation
  • Junior Leadership Training – Boy Scouts of America
  • EPA Energy Efficiency “Surveyor Ally” Workshop & Certification
  • Holophane Corporation Energy Efficiency Training

Work History

  • Fluor Corporation, City of Commerce, CA – Structural Designer “B” level 10 months
  • Kistner, Wright & Wright, Arch & Eng. LA CA – Structural Draftsman/ Designer 37 months
  • Reynolds & Taylor, Santa Ana, CA – Aerospace Mfg. Estimator/ Planner & Pro. Mgr 38 months
  • Dohube Engineers, Orange, CA – Structural Designer   19 months
  • Robert Trivison Structural Eng. Orange CA – Structural Designer  22 months
  • Dames and Moore, Santa Ana, CA – Structural Designer   14 months
  • EQE Engineers, Santa Ana, CA – Structural Designer     10 months
  • Johnson & Nielsen Structural Engineers, Santa Ana – Structural Designer  42 months
  • Holistic Health Practitioner – Orange County, CA      11 years (part-time)
  • Brilliant Lighting Design, Miami, FL – Senior Lighting Designer/ Engineer   18 years

Achievements & Awards

  • Boy Scouts of America:  Life Scout, Sr. Patrol Leader, Post President, Silver Moccasin, Silver Knapsack, Philmont Training & Trek, Order of Arrow-Brotherhood, O/A National Conference 1965 Bloomington IN
  • Calif. St. Polytechnic Univ.- Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta; Alpha Zeta (elected President);  Assoc. Student Gvmt- “Commissioner of the Year”; Who’s Who of College & University Students; Dean’s List (every quarter); President’s List (every year); Chairman -World Hunger Week,
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America –
    1. SE Florida Section – President, Vice President, Secretary
    2. Regional & National level – Nat’l Chairman, Building Façade & Monument Lighting Committee; Member, National Security Lighting Committee; Member – Regional Executive Committee
    3. 2002 GE Edison Award (#1 in world) – Golden Moon Hotel Casino
    4. 2006 Illumination Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta Indonesia (8th Wonder of the World)
    5. 2003 Bridge of the Americas (4,200 lin. Ft. of lighting) over Panama Canal
  • In-Harmony Foundation- Founder; received IRS NPO recognition 501(c)3 on Feb 12, 2012; Creation of In-Harmony Foundation website


1996     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Southeast Foods, Inc”, Miami FL.

1999     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Georgia State Capitol”, Atlanta, GA

1999     IESNA INT’L Paul Waterbury AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, “Torre Colpatria”, Bogota, Colombia

1999     GE EDISON INT’L AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, “MacArthur Causeway Bridge”, Miami, FL

2000     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “MacArthur Causeway Bridge”, Miami, FL

2001     GE EDISON INT’L AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, “National Sanctuary Church”, Panama City, Panama

2002     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “National Sanctuary Church”, Panama City, Panama

2002     GE EDISON INT’L AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, “Golden Moon Casino”, Philadelphia, MS

2002     GE EDISON INT’L EDISON AWARD, “Golden Moon Casino”, Philadelphia, MS

2003     IESNA INT’L Paul Waterbury AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, “Golden Moon Casino”, Philadelphia, MS

2003     GE EDISON INT’L AWARD OF MERIT, “Bridge of the Americas”,  Rep. of Panama

2004     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Bridge of the Americas”, Rep. of Panama

2004     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Top Thrill Dragster”, Cedar Point, OH

2005     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Crown Casino”, Rep. of Panama

2005     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Lane Avenue Bridge”, Columbus, OH

2005     ARCH. LTG MAG “BEST PROJECT ON A BUDGET”, “Bridge of the Americas”, Panama Canal, Panama

2005     ARCH. LTG MAG HONORABLE MENTION – FAÇADE, “Bridge of the Americas” Rep. of Panama

2006     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Borobudur Temple Monument”  Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2006     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “VUE Condominium” Miami, FL

2009     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “10th Street Historic Bridge” Great Falls, MT

2009     IESNA NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “Blue & Green Diamond Condo Crown Ltg” Miami Beach, FL

2009    COOPER SOURCE AWARD, “Blue & Green Diamond Condo Crown Ltg”  Miami Beach, FL

2010     NAT’L IIDA AWARD OF MERIT, “DASH Magnet School Fence”  Miami, FL


1995     LDI Lighting Show, Panel Member, “Energy Efficient Lighting”, Miami FL

1997     IES Bi-Regional Conf. Workshop, “Alum. Reflector Inserts for Energy Efficiency”  Orlando, FL

1997     So. Florida Sustainable Bldg. Conf.,  ”Energy Efficiency Methods for Buildings”,  Miami, FL

1998     Lumenaire Asia Lighting Show, “Colored Lighting of Buildings”, Singapore, “Lighting Buildings & Cities for the 21st Century, Singapore

1998     Electric ’98 Lighting Show, “Lighting Buildings & Cites for the 21st Century”,  New York, NY

1998     Lighting Research Center, Rensalear Polytechnic Univ., “Façade Lighting of Buildings”,  Troy, NY

1999     Miami River Marine Project, “Lighting the Bridges on the Miami River”, Miami, FL

1999     Int’l Tall Buildings Conference, “Façade Lighting of Tall Buildings using Xenon”  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1999     IESNA Annual Conference, “Lighting Buildings & Cities for  21st Century”  New Orleans, LA

2000     Florida D.O.T. Bridge Design Conf., “Aesthetic Lighting of Bridges”, Orlando, FL

2000     City of Miami, “Night time Façade Lighting of Buildings”, Miami, FL

2001     Charlotte AIA/IES Lighting Conf., “Exterior Lighting for Building Enhancement”, Charlotte, NC

2001     IES Bi-Regional Conference, “Façade Lighting & Corporate Imagery”, Atlanta, GA

2001     AIA National Convention, “Night Lighting our Communities-A Plan for Change”,Denver, CO

2001     Lightfair International, “Dramatic Façade Lighting, Lighting that Façade”,Las Vegas NV

2001    Shanghai Lightscape Conference, “Shanghai’s Nighttime Image- Present & Future”, Shanghai, PRC

2005    Panamanian Archtecture Society Biennial Conf., “Decorative Lighting of Buildings and Bridges”  Panama City

2007     Lightshow Southeast, “How Quality Lighting Design will Improve your Project”  Ft.Lauderdale, FL

2012    Society of Human Ecologists Annual Conference, “Surviving Climate Change w/ ARC City”,  Las Vegas, NV

2012    Future World 2012- World Future Society, “Re-Inventing Civilization w/ ARC City”, Vancouver, BC, CAN


1996     Lighting Dimensions magazine, Nov. issue, ”Olympic Achievements”

1997     LD + A magazine, June issue, “Location, Location, Location”

1998     Axxis (Colombian)magazine, September issue, “Hagase la Luz” (See the Light)

1998     Lighting Dimensions magazine, Nov. issue, “A Bank of Lights”

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2004     Lighting Dimensions magazine, September issue, “A MAN, A PLAN, A BRIDGE”

2007     Specified Lighting Design magazine, (COVER PICT) July Issue, “Temple caught in CROSSFIRE”

2007     SpotLight magazine, (COVER PICTURE) Spring issue, “Drama Within Cost and Building Constraints”

2007     LD+A magazine,  June issue, “Temple Chic”

2008    Lighting Spaces Book, Visual Reference Pub, NY, “The Art & Science of Architectural Lighting”

2010    Green Business Quarterly, July/August issue, “Lighting Solutions”