One of the reasons that complete Ecological Cities have never been achieved is due to the absence of System Design Analysis.  This design process utilizes holistic thought which emulates Nature.  Most people have been trained in areas of specialized thought or paradigms (separation) but they never learn how to integrate multiple realities into a new matrix.  It is due to this lack of attaining a multi-disciplinary training that inhibits most eco-city designers from understanding all the processes needed to create a complex new reality.

Furthermore, eco-city designers must have a thorough understanding of ecology which is a complicated subject that requires the knowledge of the multiple levels of natural interaction in all plant and animal life to their surroundings.  In addition, it also requires sensitivity to the philosophy that all Life is Sacred and must be protected no matter what its utilitarian value.

Humans have been given unique skills and powers never before realized by any other Earth species.  Our greatest powers have been that of awareness to cognitively understand the Natural Order and the ability to bio-engineer the Reality around us (a right and left brain duality).  Unfortunately we have not utilized both powers equally.  We have modified our realm which is predominately based on left-brain linear thinking.  Humans have been creating an artificial reality for the last 6,000 years that is increasingly moving away from Nature.  We must now change our focus to allow our Pendulum of Reality to return to greater proximity with Nature.


  1. Create a gradual radiating environmental transition of defined human activity to Nature’s activity so that a transition occurs from concentrated human activity in the center to low activity at the boundary to reduce negative human impact
  2. Create a system within that defined boundary where human activity displaces no waste or pollution outside that boundary
  3. Create in this system an ecological harmony where the activities of humans are in balance with each other and the other species that cohabit the same space
  4. Create a new system where humans are not given the opportunity to pollute.  The old polluting lifestyle patterns are eliminated by design concepts of environmental psychology

Based on these new understandings and the above Principles, we are designing this eco-city with the following features and design elements:


  • Rainwater Collection & Storage Systems
  • Adjacent Greenhouse Food Production w/365 day productivity, heated as needed
  • Community food processing & storage to prepare for winter & spring periods
  • Fish and Algae production
  • Meat, Dairy & Egg Production based on free-range, organic techniques
  • Renewable Energy Generation & Two-month supply Storage System
  • Recycling Purification Systems for Water & Sewage
  • Waste processing system utilizing enzymes, bacteria & fungi
  • Methane Generation & collection from waste processing
  • Two chamber water closets to separate yellow and brown waste water
  • Controlled drainpipe entries into waste system that prevents unwanted chemicals
  • All chemicals used within City shall be approved to be bio-degradable
  • Processed waste sludge to be applied to food production (dry or liquid)
  • Air Recycling & Filtration System
  • Perimeter Security Walls- Prevent people & animals from entering compound
  • Impenetrable Security Gate
  • Weapons screening for all persons entering the building
  • Health screening for contagions at transportation entry point
  • Landscape with Water and Greenery throughout
  • Multiple water features (lakes and canals) to stabilize outside temperature; and allow air penetration into trees and City structure
  • Recreational Activities Inside & Outside
  • Transportation by Non-polluting Mass Transit Systems to other destinations
  • Vertical Lifestyle based on use of elevators (low energy usage)
  • Energy efficient, futuristic lighting
  • Observance of Dark Sky light trespass
  • VAC controlled & purified HVAC with geothermal heat pumps
  • Geo-thermal Heat/ Cooling storage underground
  • Artistic Spatial Design – these design principles are a necessary part of creating form and spatial definition: order, beauty, unity, harmony, texture, context, scale, proportion, symmetry, balance, rhythm, contrast
  • Work and organization structure similar to present Civilization
  • Work should be multi-tasked to periodically shift work loads as needed.
  • Community Laundry Systems using recycled, purified water
  • Community Food Preparation to eliminate Solid Waste Packaging
  • Community Restaurants & Food Courts, no private kitchens, eliminates packaging and disposal of solid waste articles; it focuses insect intrusions into a smaller contained area.
  • Bidet to eliminate use of toilet paper
  • Concrete Construction to build thermal mass heat stabilization
  • Concrete and steel surfaces sealed to prevent decomposition from acids
  • Solid concrete exterior walls
  • Source of building materials & labor to effect repairs
  • Paper recycling process plant
  • Chemical and enzyme generating plant
  • Micro Cloth Mill to make clothes and print patterns
  • Health Center
  • Sources for medicines
  • Health screening for all persons entering the building
  • Preventative illness health monitoring of all inhabitants

Restoration Ecologist teams to initiate ecological balance of neighboring lands