The ARC City is a radically new concept of how a city develops. It is designed for finite growth rather than random growth. Instead of continuous outward expansion from a concentrated center that yields sprawl, the ARC City defines both the human habitat and replicates modularly with a “green zone” of wilderness between the new and existing cities. The outer perimeter is demarked with a large security wall that acts as a barrier to further growth.

Suburbs grow together with a maze of roads, while the ARC Cities remain intact as small communities with energy efficient trains connecting them. A train track infrastructure system is far less expensive to maintain and much less intrusive upon nature than paved roads.

Traditional cities create “heat islands” with over 60% of the surface absorbing heat. The ARC City building occupies less than 1% of the land. The rest of the site is filled with plants.

Where most human development unceasingly destroys natural order, the ARC City redefines development by contracting human presence to allow nature to re-establish in the same space. Our “ecological footprint” is now greater than 1.28 worldwide. It not only needs to be reduced below 1.0, but must be reduced to under 0.5 to allow Nature to flourish. That will be accomplished with the In-Harmony System and natural human population reduction.