Bringing all the “Earth in Balance”©

Our Purpose or Mission Statement

The In-Harmony Foundation (“Foundation”) is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, within the meaning of IRC Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of Sept. 20, 2011. Incorporated in Florida Aug. 27, 2010. Received official IRS approval on Feb. 16, 2012. We care about the future of all Life!

The Purpose of this corporation is:

To educate people about a new way of living that allows greater public safety and protection during periods of extreme Climate Change. To educate people about environmental conservation and restoration through the practice of the efficient use of energy, materials and human consumption. To educate the public about a new set of Ecological Living Guidelines that will allow true Sustainable Development. To educate the public about “green technology”, especially bio-mimicry. To educate the public that bio-diverse inter-species harmony is necessary for human survival and prevention of loss of life.

Why this is Significant

The In-Harmony Foundation is the first organization to identify the environmental problems facing us and develop a strategic plan to alter the human “built-environment” in such a way that it will start a reversal of environmental degradation through ecological restoration.


The Earth is Alive. That Life has been identified by Dr. James Lovelock, while consulting for the NASA Goddard Institute, as Gaia. He observed in the 1960’s that Gaia is a self-correcting, self-sustaining bio-sphere that exists, in part, to sustain all surface Life. Gaia ultimately reacts as a single living gestalt entity working synergistically to increase life through greater Biodiversity!

Early human consciousness dictated gaining total control of Nature for survival. Over time that mentality changed the Earth into an artificial Anthropocene Reality . In small numbers the Earth could tolerate our Absolutism, however with our large 21st Century, we have caused major biodiversity losses in other species. We can no longer live as necrotic parasites killing our host and other adjacent life to fit our Conception of Reality.

Using Biomimicry, a new field of technology that seeks to discover Nature’s evolutionary mechanisms of integration, we can solve many of our economic, social, and environmental problems. In so doing, we will learn to give all Life forms space to exist and flourish. We must learn to share the Earth symbiotically or it will be taken from us. We are primarily land creatures living in a narrow environmental window two miles high range on the surface of 7,200 mile biosphere. Take away our oxygen, our water, our food; and add too much heat or wind and we cannot survive. We must return to a harmonious relationship with all life and to bringing the Earth in Balance!

Building Corporate Sustainability

Most corporations are missing the point about “sustainability”. They believe that corporate sustainability is about making their facility energy efficient and having their employees live more efficiently. This is a good start, but doesn’t really deal with true “Corporate Sustainability”.

Corporate Sustainability involves:

  1. Understanding the dramatic changes that the Earth and Human population are undergoing.
  2. Developing a multi-layered contingency plan that will anticipate changes in supplies, energy, customers, employees
  3. Developing a new product direction based on anticipated corporate needs caused by Earth Changes.
  4. Develop Heuristic planning for resilience and disaster management
  5. Develop Risk Management Analysis of new directions.
  6. Computer modeling of successful planning and cybernetic adjustments as a corporate “hedge” for future pathways of change.
  7. Annual re-examination with computer modeling to assess any needed adjustments of targets.

The Future of the Human Race (our current direction)

Human beings have developed from a relatively minor species on the surface of the Earth to the undeniable dominant species that has affected over 90% of all the Earth, both on land and in the water. In a matter of less than 12,000 years, the Homo sapien species has initiated a major Earth Extinction, the only species ever to do so, at a faster rate than all previous extinctions. This has resulted from a devastating attack upon much of the land surfaces and shallow ocean surfaces of the Earth with such overall destruction that has exceeded large meteorite, asteroid or comet impacts.

The human species is the first to separate itself from the life and death struggle found in Nature (the Tree of Life). Human ingenuity developed food production, usage of animals and people as slaves, creation of tools, development of fire and the wheel (Tree of Knowledge). From these humble beginnings humans have organized cities (built-environment) and technologies that have extended life-spans and precluded many pre-mature deaths from illness. With the great success of these abilities, humans now find themselves with an overwhelming, uncontrolled population; coupled with unrestrained material consumption that has amplified their impact a million times over.

This has resulted in overall human consumption exceeding the Earth’s ability to regenerate its renewable resources. The human race is now surviving primarily on a billion years of stored hydro-carbon reserves that will be depleted in less than 100 years. It is like driving a car at night with the headlights on without a generator replenishing the battery. Eventually the car will die!

The Earth is suffering these physical disturbances at an accelerated exponential rate with the last 25 years creating more environmental destruction than the previous 10,000 years combined. Destruction may be measured by increased CO2 presence in the air. An even greater problem is the increased heat released in the atmosphere (Global Warming) caused from human activity starting with the simple use of fire. We have decimated the populations of most top level animals, birds and fish. We have polluted the air, soil and water. We have destroyed countless habitats with deforestation and plowing that gives way to our sprawling mega-cities.

Many of the basic non-renewable raw materials that built our civilization are disappearing and will be depleted within the next 20-40 years. If humanity is to survive we will need to learn conservation, reduced consumption, efficiency, recycling and alternative sources of materials that will serve as substitutes to depleted necessities.

In-Harmony System – A New Life Sustaining Direction

The good news is that we have developed a very comprehensive solution that will work! It is a balanced ecological system that acts as its own perfected biome, which includes the following:

  1. High Density, modular city with a maximum of 25,000 people housed in a mega-structure building. (see ARC City brochure & Living in a Sustainable City)
  2. Outside Sports and recreation, gardens, lakes and an ecologically- oriented parkland surrounding the city-structure that acts as an ecological buffer of biodiversity.
  3. Water System: including 1,000 acres of rainwater collection, purification, storage and distribution based on quality of use requirements.
  4. Food Production System: 6,000 to 8,000 acres of permanent bed, organic farmland. including greenhouses for year-round production. A food conveyance system bringing food into the city structure in reusable containers.
  5. Waste Recycling System: handles solid waste, and various liquid waste. All processed nutrients are recycled into the food production system.
  6. Energy System: containing renewable energy, energy storage, liquid fluoride thorium reactors and energy conversion into hot salt and hydrogen for mobile energy delivery. Power is distributed within this concentrated city-structure using less 10% of the wire required for traditional cities.
  7. Communication is managed within each city by means of Wi-Fi. A fiber optic trunk line terminates at each city eliminating wire cable usage.
  8. Security System: will include a large Perimeter Wall around the property that prevents infiltration by marauders. Entrance into the City occurs at the train stations, above and below ground. There will be security screening of all entrants for weapons, contraband and communicable disease. The Perimeter Wall will also prevent flood waters from entering.
  9. Intra-City transportation is achieved by pedestrian movement and vertically by highly efficient, elevators for both people and cargo.

Re-Inventing Civilization

All human civilizations during the last 6,000 years have seen major technological advancement, but have one commonality that has NEVER changed. We have been living in one to two story buildings with roads connecting them. That must change as this is producing ever increasing, sprawling mega-cities of millions of people. These cities are reliant upon long-distance supply lines of food, water and energy. Any disruption in that supply line will destabilize sustainability, resulting in significant loss of life. These mega-cities destroy natural habitats and create an unhealthy environment for people to live. This form of unchanging city-structure is responsible for most of the environmental problems the Earth has today.

The idea of a sustainable, eco-city is diametrically opposed to our current cities that are intentionally designed to be energy dependent and long distance supply dependent so that profits may be controlled and extracted along the way. Conversion to a sustainable city would be next to impossible.

Using the highly efficient In-Harmony System modular city (described previously), we will connect them into Clusters of 10-20 cities to achieve a County or Regional organization with each having some differentiation of work and recreational activities. Inter-city transportation is linked by high speed elevated and subway trains (both passenger and freight) powered by electricity. A high speed pod-car system will transport people in a rush for a premium rate. Regional Centers are connected to other Centers by high-speed bullet trains, airlines and ships. Metropolitan centers will have as many 10-20 Clusters comprising 200 – 400 modular cities. This allows for even greater specialization with over 7 million people living in 4500 sq. miles or about half the density of metro Los Angeles (12 million people in 4900 sq. miles). In that metropolis: buildings, parking lots and roads occupy over 60% of the land!

This Re-Invented Civilization concentrates humans into high-density patterns occupying less than 1% of the land while returning over 99% of the land back to soil and plants. This form of “environmental psychology” will effect a rapid way of altering human lifestyle to effect maximum environmental change while maintaining as much personal space as the old cities and maintaining most of the technological achievements we have made over the last 300 years.

Outside the perimeter walls there will be even more open space that will be returned to wilderness with continuous corridors for large and small animal life to migrate. This will eliminate fences that stopped natural migration of wild animals resulting of a return of their original habitation prior to human presence.

“Co-Habitating the Earth” (c)

Before the advent of modern man, humans shared the Earth with other life forms. They killed other life only for the food they needed. Indiscriminate killing of animals was unheard of. There are over two million species on the Earth resulting in quadrillions of Living Beings.

Homo sapiens are the only species that has become obsessed with dominating the Earth. Unfortunately we have not had the common sense to watch our consumption and population. Sensibility would suggest that our population should really stabilize at around 1 billion humans distributed around the world. This number correlates with a level that will not significantly increase Global Warming and atmospheric CO2 levels especially with our new techniques of non-fossil fuel energy generation and thermal barriers that eliminate heat release into the atmosphere.

By establishing this new concept of human civilization, we can learn to co-habit the land and allow the oceans to become restored. By re-seeding the oceans with fish and sea life, at the same time restricting fishing, we will see the oceans return. In less than 100 years we can reverse the CO2 levels in the air which have caused oceanic acidity and eliminate synthetic nitrogen production which is causing eutrophication. Elimination of plowing and deforestation will restore the land. All of this is possible if we perceive the Earth as the Nurturer of Life. We need to love and respect this Earth instead of viewing it as a source of wealth, which has been the case for the last 6,000 years.

Our Methods
As an ecological foundation we are concerned about all of Nature both near and far.

  1. We will participate in programs to protect and restore the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.
  2. We are making efforts to expand the education of environmental awareness in schools, churches and youth organizations in South Florida.
  3. We are working with university programs in environmental studies and ecology to broaden their concept of sustainability and a unified to approach to understanding the Earth.
  4. We are working with other non-profit organizations to become a united voice expressing the problems and solutions to the environmental problems that exist today.
  5. We are creating a membership plan to promote individual participation in our activities.
  6. We are seeking grants and donations to improve our publications and hire full time staff to expand our operation.
  7. We are seeking grants and donations to scientifically verify our theories regarding the In-Harmony System, Retractive Development and Re-Inventing Civilization.
  8. We are contacting major Construction Engineering & Ecological Planning Corporation to assist with design and engineering.
  9. We are seeking Developers and Investment Bankers who will to support and create the first city.
  10. We are developing a Corporate Sustainability program to instill awareness and direction to major corporations regarding a new vision of sustainability.
  11. We are seeking Corporate Sponsors of like minded interest.
  12. We will be creating public relations through the Internet, major media and television/ motion picture format to convey our ideas.
  13. We will be displaying at tradeshows to make connections with the public and corporate entities
  14. We are seeking to improve our contacts with prominent and influential people who can understand our mission and help it to succeed.